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Dev Tatto

Dev Tattoos was a dream of our founder Mr. Dev which was realized after 10 years of dedicated tattooing. The art of tattoo making came to him naturally, it was a progression from the painting and sketching that he more than 1 DECADE.

Tattoos have always been loved by people. It is an ancient art as well as a contemporary fad. It is very important to get a tattoo done by a good artist, as getting it done by an amateur is irresponsible and dangerous. Here are the best tattoo parlours for people who want to get inked permanently in Delhi.The tattoo machines we use are high quality tattoo machines imported from UK, USA & Germany. The needles are imported from UK and USA.

These are disposable sterilized (EO Gas) needles for 1 time use only. We only use non-toxic, pure organic pigments (water or oil based) which are 100% safe on the human skin with no known side-effects.We believe getting a Tattoo from an artist depends on the Trust factor. No one wants to get a tattoo for which he/she needs to regret for whole life.So 1st thing you need to know How to select a Tattoo artist.

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