Crown Tattoo

Crown tattoos are one of the designs with more prominence in our society. It is a tattoo more directed to the feminine sex than to the masculine one, and that is related to values like the power or the authority. Crown tattoos are a great idea that we can adapt to ourselves because we can find very simple designs with fine black lines that achieve a very elegant result. Another option is to use thicker black lines and mix different colors and shadows. In general, the designs with better results are those in which we print fewer colors because if we choose a small crown with many shades, the details will not be appreciated.

Also, the areas of the body in which we can tattoo a crown depend on the person. Even so, the most demanded parts are usually the wrist and the neck, where you can place tattoos of small dimensions and with many elements. Or for its symbolism or its aesthetics. Why do you like crown tattoos? Is it one of your favorites? If yes, then contact us today. Our tattoo artist will create the most detailed crowned tattoo design on your body.


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