Guru Nanak Tattoo

Gurunanak Devji in Ek Omkar Tattoo, Concept, Design and Inked by Dev Tattoos - Best Tattoo Artist Studio arranged in New Delhi.

Master Nanak portrays the threats of the Egotism (haumai-"I am") and calls upon lovers to take part in love through the expression of God (Naam, infers God, the Reality, magical word or equation to present or ponder upon (shabad in Gurbani), divine request (hukam) and at spots divine instructor (master) and master's instructions) and singing of God's characteristics, disposing of uncertainty all the while. Notwithstanding, such love must be benevolent (sewa). The expression of God washes down the person to make such love conceivable. This is identified with the disclosure that God is the Doer and without God, there is no other. Master Nanak cautioned against fraud and lie saying that these are unavoidable in humankind and that religious activities can likewise be futile. It might likewise be said that parsimonious practices are disfavoured by Guru Nanak who proposes remaining internally confined while living as a householder.


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