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Our Skills

Dev Tattoos’s practice typifies tattoo culture in India. While tattoos in the metros, like in the hinterland, still often have religious significance, they are rarely used to distinguish between tribes or to denote hierarchies in a social group. In cities, well-informed clients spend as much time picking their tattoo artists as their designs, making tattooing a viable career option, particularly for young man.

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Artists with more than 10 years of experience tattooing, guaranteeing a satisfactory and safe result for
all our clients. A memory, an emotion, a way of transmitting. Our tattoos are the visible mirror of your
inner strength.
Custom tattoos designs
In Dev Tattoo, we love that each person has their own style, and for this, we create a new design for
each of our clients. We treat each of our customers as different and therefore, discuss with them what
type of design they would like to have.
Different styles of Hygiene Tattoos
In our tattoo studio, we adapt to your style. Our avant-garde professionals know the latest trends in the
world of tattoo and apply them in each of the designs they make, in outline and on skin.

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